Sample Menus

“Place Based Resourcing”- Sourcing products as close to home as possible, & developing relationships with our farmers, purveyors & distributors.

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Sample Menus:

Vegetable Antipasti

Pa`i`ai with Local Collards & Crispy Pork Belly-
Hand-Pounded Taro, Braised Collard Greens, Shinsato Farms Pork

Wong Family Prawn Ceviche-
Marinated Prawns, Charred Corn, Citrus
Hawai`i Fruit Terrine, Local Cheese by Gida Snyder

Ahi Tataki-
Cured & Charred Ahi, Daikon Salad

Frankie’s Nursery Pineapple, Mint

Late Season Lychee

Tin Roof Ranch Cocinitas Pibil, Indigenous Starch Tostones-
Slow Roasted Chicken, Dark Chiles, Twice Fried Ulu, U`ala, Kalo

Bao Bar- BBQ Guava Chicken, Curried Eggplant, Local Chutney-
Steamed Chinese Buns, BBQ Chicken marinated in 5-Spice & Guava, Grilled Curried Eggplant, 3-onion salad, Local Chutney

“Plate Lunch”- Farro Watercress Tabbouleh, Kalo Mac Salad, Kuahiwi Ranch Stew-
Farro, Watercress, Taro Salad, Brisket Stew

Ma`o Farms Green Papaya Salad, `Opae
Thai Inspired Green Papaya Salad, Freshwater Shrimp

O`io Fishcake, Limu Remoulade, Crispy Rice Musubi
Hawaiian Bonefish, Limu, Grilled Rice

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