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Island Treasures: He’eia Pier General Store & Deli

I lived in Hawaii for 15 years and recently returned on vacation in part to take a census of the latest crop of hot plates in Honolulu. I was not disappointed

By: Alex Salkever | March 2012

Locals have gone wild for this low-key joint on a fishing pier in the shadow of the soaring Koolau Mountains. Launched last year by Mark Noguchi (who formerly cooked at Honolulu standouts Town and Chef Mavro), this eatery takes fresh fish and mean and kicks it up a notch, raising beloved recipes to sophisticated gastro-pub status. It is well worth a lengthy side trip. Mahi-mahi po’ boys sell out within an hour. The tasty burgers are made with grass-fed, Hawaii raised beef and slathered with a tasty Russian dressing and sautéed onions.


Flux Magazine

Foodie Roundup

We asked four notable foodies and chefs. What trends can we expect in 2012?

Spring 2012

Mark Noguchi, as a chef of the newly revamped He’eia General Store and Deli, is empowering his community of Kane’ohe one gourmet plate lunch a time. Known for innovative local cuisine and fresh daily catches, He’eai General Store & Deli satisfies both uncles and foodies alike.


Portland Monthly

Eat This

Bold design, eye-catching photography, and an editorial voice that’s at once witty and in-the-know, Portland Monthly is our city’s indispensable news, culture, and lifestyle magazine.

By: Kasey Cordell | February 2012

Lauded chef Mark Noguchi (formerly of Honolulu’s Town and Chef Mavro restaurants) recently debuted Hèeia Kea Pier General Store & Deli in Kaneohe. The casual farm-to-table lunch spot’s menu features everything from fern salads to pork katsu and deep fried moi (all locally raised, of course).
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Honolulu Weekly

Losing With The Stars

Six celebrated chefs, an author and a comic on how to enjoy slim-fully local food…

By: Wanda A. Adams | January 4, 2012

Chef Mark Noguchi, of the Heeia Kea Pier General Store & Deli, notes that the plate lunch didn’t always weigh two pounds. “We never used to eat like that…The supersized two scoops rice you get now is not the two scoops I remember.” At first, Noguchi’s open-air, pier fishing spot was criticized for its smaller portions. His direction to staff doesn’t include lectures on moderation, but rather, talk about local fish and produce and where his food comes from. “Pretty soon, they’re saying ‘Oh, dat’s so-and-so’s boat. I know him!’”
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Hana Hou

Eatin’ on the Dock of the Bay

By: Dawn Southhard | December 2011/January 2012

When chef Mark Noguchi, a veteran of esteemed Honolulu restaurants like Chef Mavro and Town, reopened the ramshackle kitchen at the old He’eia General Store & Deli this summer, more than a few of the old-timers on the waterfront raised their eyebrows.


Honolulu Star Advertiser

Restoring the lands

By: Nina Wu | December 2011/January 2012

Mark Noguchi, chef and owner of Heeia Kea Pier General Store &?Deli, did some volunteer weeding last month. Noguchi, a former hula dancer, said he cooks from a hula perspective. In hula, one gathers flora and fauna with respect. The same goes for the ingredients of a meal.


Honolulu Star Advertiser

How to cater for APEC

Mark Noguchi, of Heeia Pier General Store and Deli, catered a dinner for the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak at a Diamond Head private home.

By: Martha Cheng | November 17, 2011

In case you have to cater for APEC, or have the president and 20 world leaders at the table, or the first lady asks you to cook lunch at a ranch, there are now some island chefs with firsthand experience and advice. Here are their stories.
You know, just in case. The holidays are coming up after all.
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Eating Local with the Heeia Pier General Store & Deli

Chef Mark Noguchi creates simple, flavorful plate lunches that are at once familiar and innovative.

By: Lesa Griffith | September 8, 2011

The Culinary Institute of America grad is a Chef Mavro alumnus, and when he applies his knowledge and skill to humble ingredients and dishes, the result is a burst of flavor and color in his “hash” of corned brisket, kalo, palula, and tomatoes.
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Hawaii News Now

What’s old is new again at Heeia Pier

We’re continuing series on successful small businesses in Hawaii navigating their way through these tough economic times.

By: Teri Okita | August 31, 2011

Not only do they use local food in the kitchen, they’re also supporting local artists and products by selling those items in the general store – which is attached to the restaurant.
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New Kids in the Kitchen

Twenty years after Hawaii Regional Cuisine, a new generation of young chefs, are making their own marks, and their own changes, with even greater emphasis on local goods.

By: Jo McGarry | August 3, 2011

If Ozawa represented the rebellious youth, Mark Noguchi brings an effortless and endearing warmth, humor and balance to the group. Known as Gooch, he’s the chef/partner at He’eia Pier, which has quickly become a gathering place. His commitment to sustainability is a daily practice.
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Honolulu Magazine

Hawaii Restaurant Chefs Recommend

Almost every chef prefaced their favorite dish at their own restaurant with, “It’s really hard to choose one thing,” but choose they did. Recommending a dish at another restaurant was no less difficult.

By Martha Cheng | August, 2011

“I really like our hamburger,” Noguchi says. “It’s local beef, but it’s not a gourmet burger. It tastes like a diner burger.” Even better, he brushes it with teriyaki sauce for a teri burger that’s not on the menu.
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Honolulu Star Advertiser

Sustainability key at deli on pier

Like “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” the idea of adding healthful ingredients to traditional comfort and fast food is nothing short of revolutionary.

By Nadine Kam | June 15, 2011

In reality, at Heeia Kea the gesture doesn’t come from cynicism or force-feeding people to do the right thing, but from a place of love and community.
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Serving Food That Comes From Here

Restaurants are like relationships. They flourish in the right hands, wilt when there’s not enough love and attention, and can be turned from mediocre to magnificent when people really care.

By: Jo McGarry | June 15, 2011

You won’t feel this any more powerfully than sitting on the edge of Heeia Pier, where Mark “Gooch” Noguchi, Russ Inouye, Kanoe Sandfur and an ohana as big as the island have breathed life back into a Kaneohe landmark.
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Honolulu Magazine

Heeia Kea Pier: Locally-Sourced and Styled

By: Lavonne Leong | June 2011

Off a sleepy, shore-hugging loop of Kamehameha Highway, a little after Kaneohe turns into country, lies Heeia Kea Pier. Maybe you remember it from small-kid time—this peaceful Kaneohe Bay spot has been a favorite haunt of the bamboo pole and bread-bait crowd for a generation. They’re still here. Little boats still bob gently in the electric-blue water. The beach is still lined with coconut palms and hau. Some guy, who may have been here since 1979, strums an ukulele and sings. And at the far end of the pier, out on the water, you’ll still find Heeia Kea Pier General Store and Deli.
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